Texas Veteran Home Buying Benefits – VA & VLB Home Loans

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My name is Raoul and I am an Army veteran. Since becoming a REALTOR® my focus has been working with veterans, educating them on their Texas home buying benefits and credit repair. I’m excited to share my personal experience and the experience of veterans that I’ve assisted over the years to become HOMEOWNERS!

Raoul Rowe REALTOR®
Army Veteran

Understanding the Veteran Land Board (VLB)

Program. Learn the primary benefits of using the VLB. USAA does NOT recognize the VLB, but there is still hope!


Hunn Family
Navy Veteran

Keivon & LaToya
Army Veterans

Josh B.
Army Veteran

Texas Operation Giveback, INC. is a veteran nonprofit organization that is specifically geared toward educating our men and women of the armed forces on home ownership and fiscal responsibility.

Raoul Rowe
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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