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This could be from a number of things, but the number one reason is the price.

Did my realtor do their job ?

The job was to get your home sold, if your home did not sell it’s hard to say the job was done. 

How do i get my home the maximum exposure ?

Marketing off and online will be a key in getting your home sold. Automation algorithms can be sure targeting not all buyers but the buyer looking to buy your home.

What is the cost to sell my home ?

Getting your home sold for the most money in the shortest time can be costly. Real estate photos, videos, online retargeting, websites, text-to ads and more can eat up your profit margins.

get your home sold

Why ATX Realty 737

Dedicated IT Marketing Team

Your property will have a team of marketing professionals coving ever inch of the web maximizing your home selling potential.

Photography & Videography

Top notch real estate Photography & Videography all at no additional itional cost. Over $5,000 in value.

Costing Cost Fees

We work hand and hand with our Title Company, reducing documentation fees and keeping money in your pocket!


By The Numbers

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Total Risk

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